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Paradox-Cabal [Players]
Before posting anything on this thread, read the following Thread Rules:
1. Always use English when posting your messages.
2. Keep your posts constructive. Avoid spamming, flooding and posting of non-sense messages. Avoid posting off-topic messages; learn how to post on the proper section of the forums.
3. Avoid flaming, flame-baiting, badmouthing and posting hate posts without valid basis.
4. Avoid making argumentative posts in this thread. If you think a guild member violated the server rules, post your concerns on proper forum section instead.
5. Avoid shouting over the thread (denoted by posting messages in ALL CAPS or excessive use of exclamation point).
6. Avoid harassing or posting defamatory remarks against the guild and its members. Threats against any guild member, leader or MMO Paradox Staff are also not allowed.
7. Avoid posting links leading to a social media profile or any personal information, links to websites with sexual/racist/violent contents, and links to other Cabal servers.
8. Avoid plagiarism. Do not post contents copied from other parts of this forum, sites, materials, etc. without giving proper credit to it's original poster/author.
9. When posting sensitive information, make sure you have a reliable and verifiable source.
10. Avoid impersonating a guild member of Paradox Staff especially with the intent of scamming other members/players.
11. When posting images, make sure that it doesn’t violate other’s privacy and that proper permission is given by the owner of the image. Maintain a maximum image size of 640x480 pixels to make it fit on most screen resolutions.
12. Avoid posts that violate the server rules and guild rules.
13. The rules enumerated above cannot cover everything, but it doesn’t take a genius to know what is proper to do in the forums and what is not.
14. Any post found to be violating any of the rules stated above will be removed without prior notice. Warnings may be posted once, but we'll have zero tolerance on succeeding attempts to violate these thread rules.
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[Sr.GM]Jeron, Oct 6, 11 2:49 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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MinistryOfficials is continuously recruiting members who fulfills the following requirements: 1. Must be 300/500/700/900/1k RRs and above, God Mode, Extreme God Mode or Tier 1 2. Must be active especially in Guild Battles (GVGs) 3. Must be matured and smart enough not to commit any undesirable actio
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